wyssem nochi 79Au
Milan Design Week 2013

at: Ventura Lambrate
Via Massimiano 25, Milan

opening hours: April 9 - 13, 2013
10:00 am to 8:00 pm
April 14, 2013
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

open evening: April 10, 2013
8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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wyssem nochi 79Au


wyssem nochi 79 Au


individual or in a stack, gold is a foam bench covered with mirror-gold
synthetic leather, the block physical mass would weigh 9 tons if it were metal.

foam upholstered with synthetic mirror gold leather 76cmx190cmx43cm


arm chair

arm chair - polycarbonate skin strapped to a ply-wood palette - cover a stack of 18,000,000$. bills.
180x10000$ banded block notes printed on 80gr. ‘surfin’ paper,
with nochi skull x-ray replacing president Benjamin Franklin portrait.

paper, plywood and polycarbonate skin 79cmx79cmx71cm
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle
feuille de vigne femelle

FDVF "feuille de vigne femelle"


this seat reinterprets a Marcel Duchamp 1950 work.

“pas encore été clarifié. Ready-made érotique? moulage simulé de l’organe féminin? modelé à la main?
Il semble plus exact de reconnaître dans cette oeuvre ambiguë, un moulage - moulage du sexe féminin rasé,
selon un protocole que Man Ray dit avoir effectué avec Duchamp sur le corps d’une prostituée - rectifié,
recadré, poncé, etc. si Duchamp a voulu, sur cet objet, maintenir l’énigme de son origine, c’est que la
référence à un corps réel se double d’une référence, au corps fictif d’Etant Donnés, dont il peut être considéré
comme une étude préparatoire. Il aura été rendu illisible - à une époque où Duchamp maintenait secrète
l’entreprise Etant Donnés - par simple retournement de la forme (une fente) en contre-forme (une lame).”

styrofoam, fiber mesh, concrete and powder coat and sheep skin cover 128cmx115cmx107cm


brick ice cream pod limited edition for gino’s gelateria

brushed or polished stainless steel 13.2cmx24.4cmx7.3cm
Fe Fe

Fe (fertilizer)

recycled product - 100% natural preserve

content: carbon 2.4%, silicon 1.8%, manganese 0.5%, iron 94.6%

the grey cast iron bench legs were machine ground and put in 24 numbered glass jars
1/11(a) 1/11 (b) to serve as fertilizer to infuse in water or sprinkle over earth.
glass jars 12/12 (a) and 12/!2(b) contain remnant iron dust, and cross section of each bench leg.

“iron fertilization is intended to enhance biological productivity, it can benefit the marine food chain and remove
carbon dioxide form the atmosphere. iron is a trace element necessary for photosynthesis in all plants.”

© wyssemnochi for smogallery “ashes to ashes, and dust to dust” (david bowie)

glass jar: 9cmx14cm glass jar stack: 60cmx56cm poster: 81cmx109cm
liquid mercury hexagon 
liquid mercury hexagon 
liquid mercury hexagon 

liquid mercury hexagon

arm chair
view catalog on: http://issuu.com/bokja/docs/sufi-facebook

Stage 4 / Skull...Of My Father

Verse 3
those who are being loved are the others
I will not live
as a stone in a locked room
I will lie down under the skull of my father
as an incomplete kiss
I will leave the lips of my sister
she who has just been killed.”

from poem ‘The Eights Son’ by Jolan Haji
words illustrated by Everitte Barbee

Wyssem Nochi, presents stage 4 from 'The Seven Stages of the Heart. A collaboration with
Bokja - Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri - presented in Design Day Dubai 2013. The collection is rooted
in the Sufi teaching that in order to liberate oneself from the layers of ignorance, one must embark on
a pilgrimage through the seven stages of the heart. 14 metal chairs, 7 of which are upholstered with
Bokja assemblage, have been designed by wyssem nochi: a chair in which the extension of the lines
of hexagon form a pyramid, putting the head and breathing person’s nose within an invisible pyramid’s
energy field. Each chair represents a stage in the journey to remove all material, and earthly desires.

304 mirror polished stainless steel. 80cmx80x75cm 
le vide 

le vide

bedside table (percussion instrument) - black and white modules
view video on You Tube: http://youtu.be/w436wY8AbgE

in a ‘trompe l’oeil’ application, the work reinterprets “the void” of Yves Klein,
“la spécialization de la sensibilité a l’état matière première en sensibilité picturale stabilizée.”
Galerie Iris Clert, Paris, 1958.

mdf with painted graphics 32cmx32cmx50cm
universe composition 

universe composition

door mat / carpet

a black grey and white wool rectangle carpet represent a precise quantification of matter in our universe;
dark energy 73%, dark matter 23%, intergalactic gas 3.6%, and stars etc. 0.4%.

100% wool door mat: 120cmx84cm carpet: 200cmx151cm
bird food stick

chair and table, with movable plateau

please do not sit, bird feeding area

like a bird food stick, the chair and table are coated in honey with a brush then
sprinkled over with bird seeds. birds eat away seed and mark chair surface with their
bill, chair will carry trace of this whenever it is offered to them, then washed and
appropriated for personal use. the plateau serves as bird bath or feed plateau,
or a service tray, or used as traditional lap tray to sort stones from lentils.

iroko or pine set chair: 50cmx40cmx80cm table: 30cmx30cmx45cm plateau: 50cm

transatlantic beach

sand or water container

the container in wood can contain loose sand or water to drag to location by a pull rope and handle, for
a sun bath. the work takes the Situationist International quote ‘sous le pave la plage’
 and transforms it to; la ou l’on veut, la plage.

iroko or pine, rope 78cmx198cmx12cm 

bird food stick 
transatlantic beach 
transatlantic beach 
bird food stick 


rocking chair

hand made from several palm stems bent into form.
weighs 3.3kg. tested under 150 kg.

rattan 50cmx82cmx71cm


folding portable chair in rattan

bagback is a back rest made of three rattan sticks joined together with rope, a cushion and
bleu, blanc, rouge, or camouflage fabric mat - detachable store bag to carry on items to a picnic.

bag: 36cmx46cmx4cm back rest deployed: 107cm - 168cmx47cm


soap bar (slab and sink)

oversize soap bar for use indoors in an open bath space or outdoors in a lush green garden.
rub on a moist cloth or hand, to apply the soap onto body then rinse off with water.

olive, palm, and coconut oils, lavender, sea salt, ultramarine, and gold leaf.
brass plate, marine plywood base, and mould box.

slab: 160cm 80cmx17cm sink: 52cmx40cmx25cm
w&co (limo) 
w&co (limo) 

w&co. (limo)

custom 2 chairs bench extension

2 chairs with plank extension respond to a basic requirement of becoming a
‘famille nombreuse’ with a family badass (white vote) imprint on board.
order of appearance: [wyssem, obi, neo, lou, and cecile]

chairs in beech, board in pine, white paint 54cmx180cmx88cm
building remains piled 

buiding remains piled

table and chandelier

"building remains piled" table and chandelier are made from recycled concrete blocks, and
building columns. this is a variation on the work 'building remains wired' chairs and light fixture.

concrete block, steel wire, concrete, socket wire and light bulb.

table: 80cmx115cmx66cm chandelier: 110cmx60cmx100cm
wyssem nochi 

  wyssem nochi

Wyssem Nochi is a graduate of the Architectural Association in London and Parsons the New School for Design in New York. He has taught architecture and design at the American University in Beirut, and the Lebanese American University. He has produces works in urban design, architecture, interior and product. He has earned numerous awards and has shown work internationally. In 2005, he founded the ON/OFF stage, a design consultancy, with offices and galleries in downtown and uptown Beirut.


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